Roger Tenambergen

UI/UX Product Designer with a background and experience in advertising.

My Design Projects

Planet Food

A project covering UX and UI methods including Competitive Analysis, User Psychology, Preference Testing, Creating a Style Guide, Final UI, and Responsive Design.

Expats Circle

An app that allows ex-pats and like-minded people to find each other through filtering options like location. Methods used include a project proposal, competitor research, wireframing, and prototyping.

Vino Fino

An online shop for Italian wines sorted through filtering options like region, vintage, grape variety, and price. UI/UX Design methods include User flow diagram, Wireframes, User testing notes and results, Desktop design, and Mockups.

Advertising Design Portfolio

Various works are presented here, from e-invites to billboards to 3D floorplans, for which I was responsible for the concept and art direction. I also covered other areas of responsibility such as image processing and illustration.

ElDiario News Paper - Work in Progress

The primary aim of this project is to restructure and redesign the existing account section by improving its user interface and user experience.

The project encompassed multiple phases, and my involvement as a UI Designer commenced during the final phase. In this stage, I was tasked with transforming the tested wireframes into high-fidelity screen designs. Overcoming challenges proved essential, including language barriers on my part and the ongoing work-in-progress (WIP) status of the Figma files. This was amplified by the absence of a Design Library, requiring the creation of components in real-time during the design process.

Moving forward, we intend to implement best practices by incorporating advanced methodologies such as Components, Auto Layout, Style Libraries, a Grid System, Buttons, Icons, and Selectors into the project. These strategies will not only enhance the site's visual consistency but also streamline the design and development processes for improved UI/UX.

"For me, thinking conceptually is about really getting inside the user's shoes and finding the perfect way to give the brand what it needs to thrive."

Roger Tenambergen