about me

I am Roger a UI/UX Product Designer with a background and experience in international advertising. Design has always been an essential part of my life. Having spent my formative years and professional career in Germany, Thailand, England, Djibouti, and Kenya, I've absorbed diverse influences that have significantly enriched my expertise in my chosen field. Understanding the user and delivering what the brand needs to be successful go hand in hand with my train of thought. I am a strong believer in the “form follows function" design philosophy. I believe it's crucial to captivate the user's attention and maintain their focus on the product through subtle highlights.



Alan Peevers

Creative Director & MD, Young & Rubicam

“In the eighteen months I worked with Roger I was extremely impressed with his attitude and his work ethic. He was inevitably the last person to leave the agency in the evening, constantly putting in extra hours to turn around work and meet tight deadlines, especially for our biggest and most demanding client. Roger is also a very sociable and personable young man with a keen sense of humour and was very popular with everyone at the agency.”


Ewa Gillen

Founder & Creative Director, Gillen Design

“When things got tight and deadlines had to be met I always knew I could count on Roger to fill in. No matter what the task was, Roger always met our high standards. Apart from being very reliable, he is also a very affable person. Over the years I got to witness how he honed his skills in designing wonderful products with the client’s satisfaction always in focus by designing what a brand needs to be effective. He understands user and business goals equally which is a testament to his strategic, logical thought processes and his empathy towards others. “


Maura Kirore

Executive Creative Director, Young & Rubicam

“We very much welcomed Roger’s decision to join Young & Rubicam Brands after an internship of 7 months. Roger was a major contributor to web, TV, Print projects and pitches as well as award-winning campaigns for international clients. Roger is creative, hard-working, a good team player, and has a true talent for conceptualizing across the whole spectrum of media. He is always willing to exceed his normal working hours to complete the tasks handed to him. We are very satisfied with his performance.”